Automatic Shutters

Automatic Shutter Systems

Shutter systems, which have been used to ensure the safety of stores and shops for years, are now changing their shape and are used not only with security but also with decoration support. The biggest change experienced by the shutters, which are used in accordance with various architectural details, is undoubtedly the motor and remote control. Aluminum Shutter systems offer contemporary solutions by using shutter profiles with different cover heights and shapes in accordance with the requirements of the area to be applied, keeping both safety and aesthetics at the forefront. Aluminum Shutter systems are collected in the form of rolls and benefit from the space. Profiles can be preferred as aluminum polyurethane or aluminum extruded profiles. ALUMINUM POLYURETHANE PROFILES, one of the profiles that make up the shutter system, provide a high level of sound and heat insulation thanks to the polyurethane injected into the profiles with Rool-Forming technology. Since it is imported from abroad with special paint, it is not affected by different seasonal conditions.